Indonesian Mythology Characters Appearance in Anime Style

indonesian mythology anime

Indonesia is the home for hundreds of ethnic groups. It makes the country have a lot of myths and legends. It is very common that the Indonesian mythology be told from mouth to mouth. Generally, it's contains the beginning of the world, the story of gods and supernatural creatures and and the origin story of something like land or lake.

The myths from Javanese and Balinese were influenced by Hindu-Buddhist Indian mythology. The Ramayana and Mahabharata legends were adopted into uniquely local form. It's the reason why Indonesia myths and India myths similar. Not all of course, the native Indonesian ethnic groups such as Torajans, Bataks and Papuans are relatively free from another influences.

The gods, goddesses, deities and demons are the common creatures in the myths. Some of popular mythical creatures in Indonesia are Semar, Nyai Roro Kidul, Nyi Blorong and Dewi Sri. Actually it's just the very little mythical creatures in Indonesian myths, you can read Mythology of Indonesia to explore more.

Now, what about if the mythical creatures of Indonesian myths turned into anime-style characters. What it will be looks like for the deities, spirits and demons in 2D?

indonesian mythology characters

A Facebook user Chancil draw a guide for Indonesian ghosts and spirits. The ghosts and spirits based on Indonesian myths such as Nyai Roro Kidul and Nyi Blorong.

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